Fresh Rebuild M923a2 6x6 Cargo Truck. Heavy spec 18k front and 44k rear tandem with double reduction Rockwell axles. Cummins 8.3L C series turbocharged Diesel engine equipped with inline mechanical Bosch fuel pump for ultimate durability. Allison MT654 5spd Automatic with 2 spd Rockwell transfer case. Air shift switch on dash for engagement of front wheel drive when needed. Ross power steering makes for easy turning. Full air brakes with ABS upgrade. Tires are 90%+ tread with spare being brand new. Cargo bed is 14ft in length with drop sides for ultimate versatility. All trucks equipped with heater kits. We can install hard tops, dual tires, paint to your needs, stretch trucks, etc. We can export! $27,000 each.
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Two m923a2 6x6 cargo trucks heading to Texas to be used for fire fighting.  Trucks were painted per customers request including the interior of the cab.  Both units were equipped with steel hardtops.  Thanks again for your business Doug!

PHONE: (507) 676-5590; EMAIL:

M931A2 in Michigan

Another Army 6x6 LLC at work! M931A2 in Michigan pulling a 65,000lb $1.5 million plus value yacht for winter storage.

M925a1 at Work 

Montgomery County Emergency Services District #3 using a truck purchased from us. Truck was used to evacuate 100's of people during Hurricane Harvey. Thank you for your service!

I purchased a 1986 M927a1 from Army 6x6 two years ago and I can honestly say that the machine has totally beat all of my expectations. The machine is used on a reclamation seeding crew and is worked regularly for 12 hours a day.  Not only does the truck get ran all day in harsh conditions year around but we also drive this truck to every job that is within 100 miles of our shop daily and we have experienced very little mechanical problems. We actually experience more issues with our brand new semi trucks than we do with our 6x6.  Most important of all is the service that Andy and Jim provide after the sale, if I ever need anything they have it coming to me immediately and they are always more than willing to help with any questions that I have about the truck and I have had lots of them. The two of them know these trucks inside and out and can definitely answer any questions I have.  We run a fleet of dozens of pieces of equipment including Cat, Deere, Finn, Peterbilt, Ford, Chevy, and Freightliner all of which are 2012 or newer and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the best dealer that I deal with is the one that I spent 20k at Army 6x6, not the ones that I have spent several 100k at. I WOULD NEVER BUY A MILITARY VEHICLE FROM ANY OTHER SOURCE NO MATTER THE PRICE.
Thank you Danny Burton Advanced Land Enhancement Solutions LLC.

M931a2 at work in a gluten processing plant located in Hamburg, Iowa.
“The M931a2 is a beast and is doing beyond what we expected it to do. Operationally it’s easy to operate and train multiple operators to use. Truck is hauling over 51,000lbs of payload and does a great job.” Jordan