Fargo, NDNick Thompson's 3 m923a2's for their businesses in Fargo,ND and Billings, MT. Thanks again for your business!

Ontario, Canada
Doug and his M925a2 ready to drive to Ontario, Canada. Thanks again Shane and Doug!

North Dakota
Recent Rebuild m929a1 Dump Truck shipped to North Dakota construction company. Thanks again Christian!
Missouri Logging
Logging customer in SE Missouri using a M931a1. Thanks for your business Mike!

M927a1 6x6 Ohio
This M927a1 6x6 truck is used with straw blower for pipeline reclamation in northern Ohio. Thanks Again, Danny.

West Virginia Logging
One of two Army 6x6 LLC M931A2 6x6 tractors logging in West Virginia. Video clip is of a truck and log bunk trailer with a tare weight of approx 90,000lbs. Grade at steepest point is approximately 15%.

My step brother first got me interested in this truck after he used his to pull a fully loaded two tank fire truck that had gotten stuck in the mud axles deep. I thought that this would be a nice tool to have in case of an emergency situation (local natural disaster) to be able to help people or if things get really bad to get the heck out of dodge and disappear if needed. Plus, what a fun toy to drive around. Right after I got it I took the kids to school in it. They loved it! Andy was fantastic to work with. What I liked about him so much is that he said he only sells trucks that would be good enough for his own personal truck. His prices are reasonable for the quality of the rig. There are a few better "deals" out there, but with no guarantee that you are going to get what you paid for. With Andy, you definitely get what you pay for and he makes himself available to you for any questions or help you need. Thanks Andy for doing business the business should be done.
Be Blessed & Be A Blessing,
Dr. Tye

Custom 4x4 conversion m923a2.
Larger 53" Michelin XZL tires installed. Shipping to customer in Montana.

"Ed in Michigan with his 3rd 6x6 purchased from Army 6x6 LLC."

"Here is our M916 6x6 we purchased from you working hard in Oklahoma. This truck pulls one truck with ease and sometimes pulls two at once! I couldn't be happier with my purchase. Thanks again Army 6x6 LLC! Clyde"

"The Mendenhall Farm in Iowa- The M923 6x6 we purchased from you for our mixer is working great!"
M923, Thanks again for your business Larry!

"M929 working in our Wyoming mine. Truck is used frequently and is a favorite for our workers to drive."

Mexia, Texas
I bought my M35 in September of this year and immediately began to upgrade some ancient parts. I was looking for pioneer tools and contacted Army 6x6 LLC. After talking with Andy, I learned several things I didn't know and that he had all the parts I was missing. Andy is very knowledgeable and very accommodating to someone new to the antique military vehicle community. He immediately filled my order and I had it within a week. Great job! Thanks, looking forward to doing more business with you. Sonny Adams, Mexia, Texas

Army 6x6 LLC customer in Nevada using 9 of the  5 ton 6x6's for their drilling operation. Thanks again for your business.

North Carolina
Another satisfied Army 6x6 LLC customer!
Long wheelbase M927 outfitted with super singles purchased by Jackson County Rescue in beautiful Sylva, NC.  Within a few weeks of service this truck was assisting citizens after a flood. Thanks!

Another Happy Customer...
This M929 Dump is at work in western Minnesota.

Dream Come True... Updated 7/29/2014

Andy's the Real Deal!!! I knew very little about military vehicles but
have always been intrigued by the 5 Ton truck. He took (and continues to
take) time to educate me about my M923 and has answered ALL of my questions
thoroughly. He promised me I would be fully satisfied with my purchase,
and I am!! The truck was completed in a timely manner and delivered on
time. Even the truck driver hauling my rig was personable and a blast to
work with!! My whole experience with Army6X6 has been absolutely

Thanks Andy, for making this little boy's dream come true!!!

The General Norman Schwarzkopf 6x6 Fuel Truck working in the bush in Canada

Testimonial Letter: 
A Construction company in Winnipeg, Manitoba needed a 6x6 Re-fuel truck in a hurry and ready to go. We work in some of the toughest condition in road construction and earth moving summer and winter. Having used a well-worn M818 as a fuel truck in a very tough job we knew what was needed next. After some short phone calls, Andy suggested a Vehicle for us and a quick trip to Owatonna resulted in the build of “The General Norman Schwarzkopf”. This Vehicle had to be legal and roadworthy. There was no way around that. All we ended up doing is put our equipment on the truck and add more lighting. Andy and his Father Jim were easy to deal with and had information and spare parts that made this a very good experience at the right price. What impressed me more was the fact that these two Men care about what they do and what they sell.
Andy, Jim Thank You


Kline Timber M931 at work


Cindy Garso, PE, MJ Raymond Construction, LLC

We bought our M817 dump truck in July 2012 and put it to use immediately. Right now it is being used to haul over 2000 ton of excavated material through extremely sandy off road conditions, and has been going nonstop without a problem. We've named our truck "The Judge" after Saranac Lake legend Jan Plumadore, a retired NYS Supreme Court Justice and Vietnam Veteran. This truck is almost as tough as its namesake! The whole crew of MJ Raymond Construction thanks you for supplying us with such a tough truck, in great condition from the very first day. Thanks Andy!Cindy Garso, PE
MJ Raymond Construction, LLC
348 Lake Street, Saranac Lake NY 12983
phone/fax 518-891-8822

From Kurtis Randle, Wandering River, Alberta, Canada...

Hi Andy,

"After talking to many people about bringing an M35a2 into Canada Andy at Army6x6 was recommended to me by another Canadian who purchased a truck from him. I have to say that was some very good advice as dealing with him was excellent! We worked out a deal on a very nice truck, and he was also able to supply me with a complete set of new 395 XML's on modified hemmt wheels, plus four spare tires as well. I intended to drive the truck 1200 miles home to northern Alberta so he made sure the truck was fully serviced and ready for the trip, which it made flawlessly! It was a pleasure doing business with Andy and I wouldn't hesitate to do so again."

Kurtis Randle
Wandering River, Alberta, Canada

The following testimonial is from Matt J in Virginia...
"I needed some tires for my M35A2 and I'm kind of particular about what I want. Army6x6 has a great product selection with very reasonable prices. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The shipping was fast and the tires arrived and are as they were described. If you are looking for military parts or trucks, this is the place to shop. Overall I would give Army6x6 five out of five stars. I highly recommend them! - Matt"

Thank you, Matt. - Army 6x6


From Gabe's Construction...

The workings of this deal where great, It was a pleasure to do business with your company! The truck was in great condition, it is amazing that the cost is what it is, basically a brand new 6x6 tractor workhorse for under $20,000.00. We have been using this tractor to haul loads of equipment for pipeline construction work for natural gas gathering work in eastern US. With snow and cold coming it should be exciting to see what it can truly do!

Gabe's Construction
From Mike and Sharon Tobin...

Mike & Sharon Tobin's "Brutus" the M818
purchased from Army 6x6 LLC
We bought our 1970 KAISER M818 6X6 (a.k.a. ''BRUTUS'') from Andy in the summer of 2009. The whole experience of working together with Andy to export our truck to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada was a pleasure. After all of the documents were signed and everything was approved, Andy personally loaded our truck on the flatdeck in his yard in Minnesota and double checked that our truck was safely secured to make the journey across the country. He was in contact with the transport driver and relayed daily messages to us that our truck was safe. The border crossing procedure was easy as all the proper documents were in order. 5 days and 2200 miles later, Brutus was home in our yard. We phoned Andy to tell him that our truck was everything and more than what we expected. Andy is true to his word, with exceptional service and highly recommended by us. Thanks again Andy!

Mike and Sharon Tobin
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia CANADA _____________________________________________

"Our last m35a2 in Army 6x6's inventory.
Sold to Zach in Nebraska. Outfitted with 395's, new clutch and rear main seal, hubs flipped, hard top. Ready to work! Thanks again Zach! "